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Nathan Xander
"Blue House"
(CD / Cassette)

Adam Remnant
"When I Was a Boy"
(CD / Cassette)

Daniel King
"Lucky Enough" (Digital)

Christian Lee Hutson
"Yeah, Okay I Know" (LP)

Christian Lee Hutson
"The Hell With It" (CD)

Patricks Pt.
"MSTRE" (Postcard)

Olentangy John
"Doggerel" (CD)

The Driftwood Singers
"The Driftwood Singers" (CD)

The Driftwood Singers
"I Don't Live Here Anymore" (7")

Prairie Empire
"Prairie Empire" (LP/CD)

Amanda Jo Williams
"Yes I Will, Mr. Man" (CAS)

Edward Gorch
"Born at Sea" (CD)

Hi Ho Silver Oh
"Showers Without Warning" (7")

Leslie and the Badgers
"Los Angeles" (7")

Olentangy John
"O! Be Joyful" (CD)

Olentangy John
"See Seven Stars" (7")

"Two Day" (CDR)